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Of course we undertake a guarantee

for all appointments where we have agreed on “a full process”

Our History

Charlotte Baisgaard who among other things has a solid background within sales, management, HR, recruiting, search, networking etc. originally established Search & Select. At Search & Select our clear conviction is hire character – train skills! This statement shall be understand as follows:

Of course, the educational background has to match with the relevant position, but often the attitude and the personality are even more important! In general, educational skills can be acquired – however, attitude and personality are not that easy to acquire!

Focus on the Clients

At Search & Select we use a lot of time on identifying the DNA of our customers (the companies). Unless we have a deep insight in this, we do not think, we can search for the right candidates.

We try hard on finding a long-cycled match between the company and the candidate. Besides human insight, empathy etc. of course we build our selections on interviews, analyses, tests, references etc.